Uruguay is one of the main fruit exporters in the Southern Hemisphere with a 60-year exporting tradition to more than 50 countries.

Uruguay produces in a sustainable and agro-intelligent way, having considerable market access and solid production and management structures. Uruguayan fruits comply with international health standards and the most stringent private protocols.

UPEFRUY members produce 97 % of Uruguay’s fresh fruit exports, offering high quality, safe and tasty fruits that distinguishes our country internationally, and provides a long-term competitive advantage based on service and management.

Being certified by the most prestigious international protocols ensures the sector’s sustainability in terms of quality and safety, in its environmental care, and in its conditions of high regard for its people.

Traceability and good practices in the whole value chain, from fruit production to fruit delivery to clients, ensures reliability and safety, achieving, thus, the most prestigious international certifications:
    - HACCP
  • - Leaf Linking Enveiroment
  • - Nurture
  • - GLOBAL G.A.P
  • - British Retail Corsortium (BRC)
  • - Sedex - Smeta
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