Good by Nature


Food Safety

Good for your health

Uruguay’s fruit safety is guaranteed by the use of carefully managed production processes. Uruguay offers the world safe and high-quality products, a direct result from applying good production and processing practices, due respect for the environment, and good working conditions for our laborers. Our products’ demand in the international market is due in part to the country´s environmental and natural features –good climate, fertile lands, clean air, good quality water, and a privileged geographical location between grasslands, rivers and forests.

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Good for its taste

The taste of Uruguay’s fruits is the result of a climate with 4 clearly-defined seasons, abundance of water and fertile lands. Owing to its natural features and the quality of its crops, Uruguay offers fruits of original and genuine taste. Its mild climate enables fruit harvesting throughout most of the year with the advantage of counter-season production with respect to the Northern Hemisphere (North America, Europe, and Asia).

Social conditions

Good for its people

Uruguay offers quality of life and good working conditions for its people in every field and regional indicators confirm this. Good social practices are a tradition of the country where working conditions are regulated by a legal framework comparable to those found in the most advanced countries, taking workers and their environments into account and ensuring all labor rights are met along the entire value chain.

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Good for the environment

Uruguay is a country that is committed to growing in harmony with nature. It is a country committed to good environmental practices. Its profile as high-quality food producer requires so. It’s one of the countries that generate the least green-house effect gases in the world. Uruguay is the South American country with the highest percentage of use of renewable energy in its energy matrix (over 90%), with an ever-increasing stake from wind energy.

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