Citrus are Uruguay’s main export fruit with sales in the international market reaching 120.000 tons per year. Uruguay is Latin America’s second exporter and one of the twenty largest in the world. Its main markets are Europe, America (the USA, Brazil and Canada) and Asia. High-quality fruits production, technology, and the consolidation of local companies have strengthened this industry. Uruguay’s citrus-producer pioneers were immigrant families, some of which are still heading the sector’s main companies. Production centers mainly on the northern seaboard of the Uruguay River, but is also found in various southern Departments. Uruguay’s counter-season production is a key differential, offering produce with high quality pulp, taste and color at a time of the year when the biggest markets of the Northern Hemisphere are not producing.

Annual supply of citrus


Uruguay emerged as a blueberry grower in 2001 – 2002, betting on a new product which, back then, signified an innovation in the fruit-growing sector. Today Uruguay is one of the ten biggest exporters in the world. Good climate and competitive advantages result in a fruit that is tasty, of good quality and appealing to the international market. It is a dynamic sector that has permanently adapted to market demands, introducing varieties with the objective of achieving the best results.

Annual supply of blueberries

Apples / Pears

After citrus and blueberries, pears and apples represent the third sector in Uruguay’s fruit export market. Up until now positioned solidly in the domestic market, last decade’s conversion and growth of most sought-after varieties in the international markets open new international prospects for the sector.

Annual supply of Apples and Pears

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